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22nd October 2014
AMbassador at signing Ceremony
Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation
2014 awarded to a Sri Lankan

7th October 2014
Japan Foundation Program 2015
(Deadline to submit applicatins to the Embassy is 21st November 2014)

16th September 2014
Japanese Education Seminar 2014

12th September 2014
Japan supports a Livelihood Improvement Project for the Resettled
Communities through Japanese NGO

09th September 2014
Madam Shiranthi and Madam Akie
marked the opening of “Shine Weeks (Women’s Weeks)”

09th September 2014
Japan Extended Rs. 17.4 billion for
Digitization of Terrestrial Television Broadcasting Project

07th September 2014
Joint Statement between Sri Lanka and Japan
~A New Partnership between Maritime Countries~

26th August 2014
Japanese Cultural Exhibition - 2014

20th August 2014
Foreign Minister Kishida's Visits Viet Nam

4th August 2014
Foreign Minister Kishida Visits Cambodia

1st August 2014
Japan approves Rs. 305 million for Enhancing Training Capacity
of MILODA, Academy of Financial Studies

30th July 2014
Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation 2014
awarded to a Sri Lankan

25th June 2014
"Abenomics" is progressing!

2nd June 2014
AMbassador at signing Ceremony
Japan pledges further Rs.245 million Grant Aid
for Human Resource Development Scholarship

22th May 2014
Foreign Minister Kishida Visits Denmark
and Attends TICAD V Meeting and OECD Meeting

8th May 2014
Japan's Parliamentary Vice Minister for Foreign Affaires
to visit Sri Lanka

29th April 2014
AMbassador Hobo awarding the Certificate
Tokyo Cement Receives Commendation from Ambassador of Japan

28th April 2014
Foreign Minister Kishida Hosts NPDI Ministerial Meeting in Hiroshima

24th April 2014
Japanese Government Scholarship 2015
(Monbukagakusho) – MEXT

21th April 2014
We Are Tomodachi spring 2014
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15th April 2014
Foreign Minister Kishida Visits Bangladesh and Myanmar
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10th April 2014
Comparison of the air dose rate data between cities
in Japan and the world's major cities

Final Report on Mid-and-Long-Term Roadma
towards the Decommissioning of TEPCO’s
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
(issued on Feb 13, 2014
)Other site

28th March 2014
Japan Provides Rs. 44 billion for Construction of Second Kelani Bridge

19th March 2014
Japan provides food aid to support WFP’s Emergency Program
and School Meals Program in the North

14th March 2014
Singing ceremony
Japan extended Rs.14 million to Sarvodaya Suwasetha Sewa Society

11th March 2014
Singing ceremony
Japan Supports UN Habitat for Rehabilitation of Conflict Affected Areas
and Empowerment of Women in Northern and Eastern Provinces

10th March 2014
singing ceremony
Japan extended Rs. 10millionto Board of Investment of Sri Lanka

7th March 2014
participants at signing ceremony
Japan extended Rs. 25 million to Provincial Director of Health Services,
Sabaragamuwa and  Surangani Voluntary Services, Monaragala

7th March 2014
Japan Provides Rs. 100 million to promote Trilingual Language
Policy in Sri Lanka

Foreign Minister Kishida Visits the United States of America
(February 7-8, 2014)
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3rd March 2014

singing Ceremony
Japan Extended US$ 716,608 for Humanitarian Demining
in Northern Sri Lanka

21st February 2014
singing ceremony
Japan Provides Rs.70 Million to a Livelihood Project
for Returnees in the Northern Part of Sri Lanka

18th February 2014
Tradational Japanese Kyogen Play and Workshop
at Kelaniya University

17th February 2014
“Cool Japan: Wisdom of Japan” Symposium and Workshop

Foreign Minister Kishida Attends Munich Security Conference
(February 1, 2014)
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13th February 2014
Donation ceremony
Donation by the Association of Spouses of the Japanese Embassy Staff -

13th February 2014
Singing Ceremony
Japanese NGO receives grant for a Capacity Building project
on community-based disaster risk reduction in Sri Lanka

10th February 2014
“The Spirit of Budo” Exhibition- History of Japanese Martial Arts

Foreign Minister Kishida Visits Spain and France
(January 7 - 9, 2014)
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27th Janunary 2014
Signing Ceremony  Singing Ceremony
Japan Extended US$ 1,248,046 for Humanitarian Demining
in Northern Sri Lanka

26th December 2013
Statement by Prime Minister Abe
- Pledge for everlasting peace -
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