Ambassador's Message




Greetings from Ambassador MIZUKOSHI Hideaki

Ayubowan and Wanakkam.
My Name is MIZUKOSHI Hideaki, newly appointed Ambassador of Japan to Sri Lanka, having arrived in Sri Lanka in mid-November. It is with great honour and pride that I serve as ambassador in this beautiful country which is also endowed with ancient civilization and flourishing culture. Since my arrival three weeks ago, I am in fact being fascinated by daily discovery of beautiful sceneries of Sri Lanka, warm hospitality of Sri Lankan people, and deep friendship that has been nurtured between Japan and Sri Lanka.
Located at the pivot of east-west sea lanes, Sri Lanka is our important partner in realizing a free and open Indo- Pacific that has been promoted by the Government of Japan. In fact, my recent visit to Mirissa has deepened such notion, where I saw a string of large vessels passing busily in the horizon. The purpose of this visit was to strengthen our maritime cooperation with the Sri Lanka Coast Guard, and true to its purpose, I wish to further promote the foregoing cooperation in order to contribute to peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific Oceans.
Japan and Sri Lanka are said to have maintained maritime trade since olden days, but it was to the historic visit of Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala to Japan in 1889 that we can attribute the recorded history of our friendship, budding in the virtuous interactions through Buddhism. The special relations, thus nurtured in our common faith, has attained further development while resting on the sacred verse from Dhammapada –“Hatred ceases not by hatred, but by love”– which was quoted by the late President J.R. Jayewardene at the San Francisco Peace Conference on September 6, 1951. The major development projects, such as recently-completed New Bridge Construction Project over the Kelani River, or COVID-19-related assistance extended from Japan to Sri Lanka, clearly showcase such strong bond of friendship that exists between the two countries.
Next year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of our diplomatic relations. With blessing and participation by our friends in Sri Lanka, and by organizing commemorative events throughout the year, I wish to embellish the year 2022 with beautiful colors and hues.
My Embassy will be “airy and open” just like the sea breeze blown from the Indian Ocean, so please contact us freely if you have any queries.
I will not spare any efforts to further promote our time-honoured relationship, and towards this goal, I look forward to working with you all in the coming days.
Ambassador of Japan to Sri Lanka


Japanese Ambassadors and Heads of Mission to Sri Lanka 1952~

  Name Period/Year
1 Tetsuo Ban (Head of Mission)  Jan 1952 ~Aug 1953
2 Shirohichi Kimura (Head of Mission)  Jan 1954~Feb 1955
3 Shirouji Yuuki  Apr 1955~Jun 1957
4 Akira Matsui  Jul 1957~Sep 1959
5 Yasusuke Katsuno  Feb 1960~Jul 1962
6 Jiro Takase  Sep 1962~Mar 1966
7 Seizo Hinata  Mar 1966~Aug 1968
8 Yoshio Yamamoto  Sep 1968~Jul 1971
9 Sahichiro Matsui  Jul 1971~Dec 1973
10 Akira Yoshioka  Jun 1974~Mar 1977
11 Keisuke Ochi  May 1977~Jul 1980
12 Kazuo Chiba  Sep 1980~Jan 1983
13 Hiroshi Ohtaka  Mar 1983~Mar 1987
14 Yasuya Hamamoto  Mar 1987~Jun 1989
15 Isamu Nitta  Aug 1989~Jun 1992
16 Masaki Kuniyasu  Jul 1992~Oct 1994
17 Yasuo Noguchi  Oct 1994~May 1997
18 Yoji Sugiyama  May 1997~Jun 2000
19 Seiichiro Otsuka  Aug 2000~Oct 2003
20 Akio Suda  Nov 2003~Jul 2006
21 Kiyoshi Araki    Aug 2006~Mar 2009
22 Kunio Takahashi  Mar 2009~Oct 2011
23 Nobuhito Hobo  Oct 2011~June 2015
24 Kenichi Suganuma  June 2015~Oct 2018
25 Akira Sugiyama  Oct 2018~Nov 2021
26 Hideaki MIZUKOSHI  Nov 2021~