Japan supports inclusive development in Trincomalee, Kandy and Moneragala


March 9, 2017

The Government of Japan has agreed to provide US$296,520 (approx. RS. 42.7 million) for three projects for inclusive development by supporting resettled fishermen in Trincomalee, victims of gender based violence in Kandy, and persons with disabilities in Moneragala. The grant contracts were signed under the scheme; “Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Securities Project (GGP)” on 9th March at the Embassy of Japan, between His Excellency Mr. Kenichi Suganuma, Ambassador of Japan and Dr. Harsha Kumara Navaratne, Chairman of Sevalanka Foundation, Ms. S. G. Stephen Chairperson of Women Development Center and Mr. Wickramage Nalin Vipulendra, President of Surangani Voluntary Services, respectively.

“The project for the Economic and Social Integration of the IDP returnees to Sampur in Trincomalee District”, to be implemented by Sevalanka Foundation with US$93,022 (approx. Rs. 13.5 million), will benefit 189 members fishermen’s society through the construction of fishermen’s facility, provision of fishing gears, renovation of roads. About 60 pre-school children will also be provided improved preschool education environment.
Dr. Harsha Kumara Navaratne, Director of Sevalanka Foundation mentioned; “Sevalanka’s continued cooperation with the government of Japan through the GGP funding initiated in the year 2002 is further strengthened with the agreement to implement a project this year; that will lead to improved income and quality of life and wellbeing of the children of recent returnees to Sampur. This project will trail on the decades of support that the Japanese Government and Sevalanka together provided for the vulnerable communities in their sustained resettlement.”
“The Project for the renovation of the shelter facility for survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Kandy”, to be implemented by Women‘s Development Center with US$110,236 (Approx. Rs. 16 million), will focus on renovating a shelter for victims of Gender Based violence to provide a safe and secure space and a hygienic environment. It will also help to expand the premises to accommodate more people as the current shelter caters to a lesser number compared to the actual requirement.
Ms. S. G. Stephen Chairperson of Women Development Center expressed that; “The Shelter for the survivors of gender based violence located in the Kandy district is a safe haven that houses an average of 450 girls and women survivors of GBV per year. Residents are provided various services contributing towards their empowerment and social integration. Renovating and extending building facilities at the shelter will significantly improve housing and access within the shelter as well as improve the facilities made available to the residents.”
“The Project for the Construction of Model Resource Center for the Persons with Disabilities in Buttala Division, Moneragala District”, to be implemented by Surangani Voluntary Services with US$90,360 (Approx. RS. 13 million), will focus on construction of a Resource Center in Buttala, in Moneragala District, providing not only medical rehabilitation and therapy services for persons with disabilities but also training program on special needs for school teachers and social welfare officers.
Mr. Wickramage Nalin Vipulendra, President of Surangani Voluntary Services noted; “We have gained skill and love for children with special needs and their families in the Buttala area since we started working there in 2011. Surangani Voluntary Services with the cooperation of the Government officers who are keen to help, will create a new model Resource Center for people who have been left behind. This place includes a therapy room, library, meeting place, auditorium, counselling room and an IT Center. The project will be a wonderful model for how the public sector and NGOs can work and support each other to develop better quality of life for all. We hope this place will be the best model in Sri Lanka”.