Japan organized Women, Peace and Security seminar in Matara


March 16, 2017

The Government of Japan organized a seminar on Women, Peace and Security at the Matara District Secretariat auditorium on 9th March in collaboration with the United States, Sri Lanka, Australia and UN Women.
 The Pacific Partnership started in 2007 in order to strengthen collaboration among the U.S. Navy and its partner countries, particularly through humanitarian assistance and international disaster relief related activities, such as providing medical care and conducting civil engineering business.
As a part of the program of Pacific Partnership 2017(PP17), the seminar shared experiences from the United State, Australia, UN Women and Japan in formulating the National Action Plan on Women, Security and Peace, based on United Nation Security Council resolution 1325, which was adopted in 2000 and encourages member states to incorporate gender perspectives in their respective peace and security efforts. More than one hundred people from the Government of Sri Lanka and civil society participated in the seminar.
The seminar was opened by a welcome remark from the Embassy of Japan, followed by active panel discussions. One of the participants asked how the National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security could be reflected to other policies. An official of the Government of Japan responded to it by explaining that the Basis Plan for Gender Equality, requires any other policies to reflect the National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security.

The armed conflict in Sri Lanka came to an end in 2009. Sri Lanka is now on the path towards achieving peace and development. In addition, Sri Lanka is located in the area which is often affected by natural disasters. In 2004, Tsunami affected all coastal area, especially the south and eastern part of Sri Lanka, including Matara. In 2015, large landslides affected the entire island, and since the end of last year, droughts have been affecting all over the island.
The Government of Sri Lanka had already formulated the draft of National Action Plan on Women, Security and Peace in 2008.  Sharing experience from the United States, Australia, UN Women and Japan would contribute to Sri Lanka with the restart of its further development of National Action Plan on Women, Security and Peace.