The Government of Japan confers a prestigious decoration on Ms. Lalitha Rajapaksa


April 29, 2017

On 29th April 2017, the Government of Japan announced the conferment of “The Order of the Rising Sun Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon” upon Ms. Lalitha Rajapaksa, in recognition of her significant contribution to promoting Japanese culture and understanding of Japan in Sri Lanka.

A congratulatory message was sent by Mr. Fumio Kishida, Minister of Foreign Affairs in Japan, on 29th April upon the announcement stating “Please accept my sincerest congratulations on the conferment of ‘The Order of the Rising Sun Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon’, in recognition of your outstanding contribution, and my best wishes for your continued good health and happiness”

Ms. Lalitha Rajapaksa became the first female president of Lanka-Japan Friendship Society (LJFS) in July 2004 and contributed immensely towards the development of LJFS. She held leadership for about three years, during which she dedicated assistance to construct 12 houses and a community center for Tsunami victims in 2004, in collaboration with Japan Sri Lanka Association.
After she resigned from her duties as the president, Ms. Lalitha Rajapaksa was honoured with the first female vice patron of LJFS in 2010. She has been greatly supporting successive presidents of LJFS and contributing to bringing out positive involvement of female members of LJFS.