Message of Condolence on the passing of Prof. Dammika Ganganath Dissanayake


  The Embassy of Japan expresses its profound sorrow and grief on the demise of Prof. Dammika Ganganath Dissanayake on 11th August, 2020. In respect of Prof. Dissanayake’s contribution in promoting friendship and mutual understanding between Sri Lanka and Japan, Mr. KITAMURA Toshihiro, Chargé d’ Affaires of Japan visited Prof. Dissanayake’s residence on 12th August to extend his sincere condolences and Sympathy on  behalf of H.E. SUGIYAMA Akira, Ambassador of Japan to Sri Lanka, to the beloved family of Prof. Dissanayake.
  Prof. Dissanayake’s longstanding friendship with Japan dates prior to his appointment as the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Japan in 2015. The former ambassador read for both Master’s and PhD degrees at Tokai university in the early 90s from which his profound affection and compassion for Japan and the people of Japan began to blossom.
  An enthusiast in mass communications and a renowned Sinhala linguist, Prof. Dissanayake served in several capacities at various universities and institutes in Japan, while guiding budding Japanese diplomats to mature as Sinhala specialists at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan. Prof. Dissanayake’s indelible zeal to promote the bilateral relationship was reflected in many of his creative writing which gained much popularity among both the Sri Lankan and the Japanese readership and earned him many accolades for his untiring contribution to bridge cultures and friendship between the two countries.  In particular, “Pani Walalu”, a collection of essays illustrating the empathetic image of Japan, culminates his embracing vision that he held for the country of his gentle passion.
  An iconic personality held in high esteem is an unfathomable loss for both Sri Lanka and Japan, but his relentless spirit will continue to resonate deep within our hearts and shall cast shimmering light in our passage ahead.

  Our thoughts and prayers are with the members of beloved family at this hour of great grief and pain. 

  May he attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana