Ambassador’s Commendation awarded to the representatives of the local demining NGOs

Ambassador’s Commendation was presented to Mr. Ananda Chandrasiri, Director / Programme Manager of Delvon Assistance for Social Harmony, DASH and Mr. Sarath Jayawardhana, Director/Programme Manager of Skavita Humanitarian Assistance
and Relief Project, SHARP, by H.E. Mr. MIZUKOSHI Hideaki, Ambassador of Japan to Sri Lanka on 12th May 2023 at Ambassador’s residence.

DASH and SHARP are Local NGOs which have been working on humanitarian demining activities in the conflict-affected areas of the Northern and Eastern Provinces through the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) funded by the Government of Japan.


Mr. Chandrasiri and Mr. Jayawardhana have been making efforts to contribute to the promotion of mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and Sri Lanka, not only through demining operations, but also by promoting resettlement and reconciliation among ethnic groups through various activities to ensure peace and stability in the war-affected area.