Handover of Japanese Ambulances to the Moolai Cooperative Hospital in Jaffna


On August 10, H.E. MIZUKOSHI Hideaki, Ambassador of Japan, attended the handover ceremony of the two second-hand ambulances to the Moolai Cooperative Hospital Society in Valikamam West DS division in Jaffna district, under the Japanese Government's Grassroots Human Security Grant Aid with a view to improve the medical environment of the conflict affected area.

In this project, the Japanese government provided two secondhand ambulances and a total of US$ 36,759 to import them. Approximately 1,500 patients use the hospital services per week. The project enables the hospital to provide the timely health care, including mobile consultation services for those residing in remote areas, through better access to ambulances in a good condition. It also enables emergency cares and emergency transportation of patients to neighboring hospitals in Jaffna. Importantly, this improves the health of people in the Northern province by enabling the access to the quality of critical health care services.

Ambassador MIZUKOSHI expressed Japan’s commitment to supporting continuously for the conflict-affected area and stated, “An important objective of the Japanese Grant Assistance is to remedy damages caused by conflicts and bring about peace and stability. I do wish that this grant will contribute to improve the medical conditions of this region and filling the gap of standards of living in the North and South.