For those who are considering to travel to Japan


Please be sure to complete all the Travel Requirements in "Written Pledge" before you go to Japan.     

“Written Pledge (Individual) “ can obtain from the below PDF file. 


After completing the “Written Pledge” Please check ⇒ Checklist : Border enforcement measures

Q; What are the important facts when obtaining PCR Test Report?
A; A negative result of PCR Test (English) , which the testing shall be conducted within72 hours before the departure time of your flight.

The result should be provided by a specified format. Please check the following website for more details.    (Click here to download the specified format)

Q; What are the mobile applications should I install before entering to Japan?
A; Installing apps required for preventing the spread of COVID-19.
Please check the following website for more details.

Q; What is the quarantine procedure when entering to Japan?
A; You will be tested for Covid-19 at the airport and must remain at home or in the accommodation for 14 days after entering Japan.

Q; What is the questionnaire should I download and where to show it?
A; Complete the medical questionnaire available on the below link website,as soon as you receive the Boarding Pass(Seat number).
You have to show the installed QR Code to the Quarantine Center at Japan Airport.

Please scan this QR Code to access the website using your mobile phone.