Japan Provides JPY1.23 Billion Grant Assistance for “The Project for the Stabilization of Power Supply Using Renewable Energy at Hospitals”


On 14 February 2024, H.E. Mr. MIZUKOSHI Hideaki, Ambassador of Japan to Sri Lanka and Mr. K. M. M. Siriwardana, Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Economic Stabilization and National Policies, signed an Exchange of Note for providing JPY 1.23 billion in order to improve power supply vulnerability at hospitals. This signing ceremony was held with Dr. TANAKA Akihiko, President of JICA and Dr. P. G. Mahipala, the Secretary of Ministry of Health.

This grant aims to reduce carbon footprint and ease the financial burden on energy costs at Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital, Teaching Hospital Ratnapura, and Teaching Hospital Kurunegala. With this assistance, the recipient hospitals will be equipped with solar power facilities, ensuring reliable electricity supply and contributing to achieving Sri Lanka’s goal of over 70% of electricity from renewable sources by 2030.
This project, similar to the fuel assistance, contributes to enhancing Sri Lanka's healthcare infrastructure. The introduction of solar power facilities aims to improve the resilience of these healthcare institutions and contribute to the well-being of the Sri Lankan people. The collaboration signifies a strong commitment to improving healthcare services and promoting sustainable energy solutions, underlining the bilateral relations between Japan and Sri Lanka.

The Japanese government looks forward to a successful implementation of the solar power facilities, supporting Sri Lanka in achieving renewable energy goals and fostering a greener future.