Visit Waste Water Treatment Plant (under construction by JICA ODA Loan)

10th January, 2019


“Creating the Foundation for Life, Carving Out the Future of Eco-Cities.”

Ambassador Sugiyama visited the site of Waste Water Treatment Plant construction in Kandy financed by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) ODA Loan on 10th January, 2019.

Improvement of its water quality in upper stream of “Mahaweli river”, one of the major water sources in the country, will have positive impact on downstream areas. JICA is financing the project under highly concessional Loan amounting Yen 14,087 million (Equivalent LKR (16,900 million)).

The Waste Water Treatment Plant with a capacity of 14,000m3/day will utilize the "Propeller-type Oxidation Ditch (OD) System" which enables the efficient treatment of sewage through the high mixture of oxygen promoted by submersible propellers and air diffusers in the Aeration Tank.

This technology will be provided for the facilities by JFE Engineering Corporation, Japanese Company with unparalleled experience in Japan in this field.