Japanese Government Initiatives for COVID-19



  [Remarks] : Futher information, Q & A” regarding when entering Japan under the current epidemic prevention measures.
3、Information related to COVID-19 in Japan

4、For permanent residents who have difficulty in re-entering Japan within the valid period of their re-entry permission due to the impact of the COVID-19 (as per the website of the Immigration Services of Japan)

5、Exemption of Visa (Short-Term Stay) for foreigners​ excepted Sri Lankan nationals.​

【NOTICE from the Embassy, Immigration Services Agency of Japan and Sri Lankan Airlines】

【Latest update as at 13th January 2021】
The framework(Applications with the Residence track) of below two types under (a) and (b) are suspended until further notice. Also those who have already obtained valid visas with remarks mentioned as ” EX-R (Residence track ) will not be permitted to enter Japan from 0:00 am (JST) on 21st January 2021.
【Latest update as at 27th December 2020】
The framework(Applications with the Residence track) of below two types under (a) and (b)  are  suspended until end of January 2021. However, those who have already obtained valid visas issued by Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka after the 1st October 2020, will be permitted to enter Japan.

1、Instructions for those who are considering to apply Japanese visas especially with Certificate of Eligibility (from the Embassy of JAPAN)
*All visa applications are to be submitted to the Japan Visa Application Centre (VFS).

New entry into Japan under the framework for middle or long term residents from countries/regions with which is effective, or, new entry into Japan based on the decision on September 25, 2020, from all countries/regions.

Applicants with the purpose of entry listed on (a) or (b) are entitled to join the Track:

(a) Middle to Long term stay

Based on the decision on September 25, 2020, all types of the status of residence, provided the applicant has the Certificate of Eligibility, are applicable for the new entry to Japan [Note 1]

(Those who are entering Japan for “Diplomatic” or “Official” purpose do not need to follow the procedures for this framework.)
  • (i) Visa application form (with photo attached)
  • (ii) Passport
  • (iii) Certificate of Eligibility
  • (iv) Letter of Declaration (2 copies)  [Note 2]
  • (v) Other required documents can be found here (Please refer to VFS Japan Check list)
(b) Short-term stay for business (only if the relevant government approval to return Sri Lanka can be presented)

   If you have the government approval to return Sri Lanka please contact visa section of the Japanese Embassy directly.
  • [Note 1] Specifically; “Professor”, “Artist”, “Religious Activities”, “Journalist”, “Highly-Skilled Professional”, “Business Manager”, “Legal/ Accounting Services”, “Medical Services”, “Researcher”, “Instructor”, “Engineer/ Specialist in Humanities/ International Services”, “Intra-company Transferee”, “Nursing Care”, “Entertainer”, “Skilled Labor”, “Specified Skilled Worker”, “Technical Intern Training”, “Cultural Activities”, “Student”, “Trainee”, “Dependent”, “Designated Activities”, “Long Term Resident” are applicable. Those who are considered as “Spouse or Child of Japanese National” or “Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident” don’t need to present the Letter of the Declaration for application for visa, provided that they present their Certificate of Eligibility or full copy of the family register, etc.
  • [Note 2] Please submit two copies of the pledge at the time of submitting application (such as the original scanned and printed electronic data in PDF format). One copy will be returned, so please submit it to the quarantine when you enter Japan. Please keep the original for 6 weeks after the host company / organization enters Japan, and submit it when requested by the relevant ministries and agencies.

2、Relevant Information regarding Covid-19 by the Immigration Services of Japan

3、 Flight Information from Colombo to Narita

 【Remarks】Before traveling to Japan

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