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January 12, 2018 New
Further revision of operations to optimize the refugee recognition system
July 5, 2017  Be Aware of Fraudulent Websites, Social Media and Emails Attempting to Extract Payments from Visa Applicants 
February 17, 2017 Grand Opening of the Japan Visa Application Centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka
February 1, 2017 The Opening of Japan Visa Application Centre
June 15, 2016 PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT:Competitive Project Bidding on Processing Company for Visa-Issuance Related Work
Attachment:Scoring Table for Visa Applicant Agents
May 26, 2016 Report of a Fraud Incident concerning Japanese Visa Applications (PDF)


                                                                                                  15th June 2016
Competitive Project Bidding on
Processing Company for Visa-Issuance Related Work
1.         Name of the person who is offering the Competitive Project Bidding, his position and address:
             Koji Yagi (Mr.)
             Deputy Head of Mission and Chief Accounting Official
             Embassy of Japan
             No. 20 Srimath R.G. Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo 7
2.         Item for Competitive Project Bidding:
           Name of the Item:  Processing Company for Visa Issuance Related Work 
           *Please refer to the “prospectus” for details.
3.         Briefing Session
            Based on this Public Announcement, the Embassy will hold a briefing session for those organizations / individuals who are interested in
            submitting their written proposal. Those interested in participating in the briefing session may please confirm their presence for the same,       
            through e-mail addressed to by 17:00 hours, on  14th July 2016.
           (1) Date of Briefing:               15th July 2016  at 14:00 hours
           (2) Venue of Briefing:            Conference room (2F), Embassy of Japan
4.         Deadline for Submission of the Written Proposal
          (1) Deadline:                           15th August 2016, by 14:00 hours
          Please either submit the written proposal in person, or send it through post to the following address. If sending by post, please make sure to 
          send it through registered post, and to ensure that the proposal reaches the Embassy before the prescribed deadline.

          (2) Contact:                             Consular Section, Embassy of Japan
                                                        No. 20 Srimath R.G. Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo 7
                                                        Tel: (011) 269 3831
           Officers in charge:                   Naoki Matsunaga(Mr.)
5.         Eligibility for Application
           (1) To have hub(s), including branch offices and others, in Colombo
           (2) To be able to successfully undertake and complete the contract, and not be in a position of financial insolvency/bankruptcy
           (3) Not to be applicable under the following conditions:
                 (i) To intentionally coarsen the services in the process of implementation of the contract, and/or to conduct improper performance
                      in terms of quality and quantity of the services related to the contract.
                (ii)To disturb fair competition, formation of fair prices, or to form partnerships/alliances with other entities to gain undue benefit, or to 
                     indulge in any kind of unfair/illegal practices.
              (iii)To prevent the successful bidder from concluding the contract.
              (iv)To prevent the execution of functions of officers who conduct supervision and/or inspection of the process of concluding the contract.
               (v) Not to implement the contract without any legitimate reasons
              (vi) To employ and/or engage the services of persons who are not permitted to participate in the competitive bidding process under this rule
                    (cf. No.5) as an agent, manager and/or employee
          (4) Not to have any past record of blacklisting/suspension/termination of services as notified/issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
               Japan, Government of Sri Lanka, and/or other Embassies/High Commissions in Colombo.
6.         Miscellaneous
           (1) Those organizations/individuals who do not submit all the relevant documents before the deadline (cf. No.4 above) are not eligible to
                 participate in the project bidding process.
           (2) All expenses relating to the preparation and submission of the written proposal will have to be borne by those who submit the said
                 document. The submitted documents will not be returned, regardless of whether they are accepted or not.  
7.         Contact
           Embassy of Japan (Contact persons: Naoki Matsunaga(Mr.))
           No. 20 Srimath R.G. Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo 7
           Tel: (011) 269 3831


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